Member Conditions

Members are required to fulfill the following conditions in exchange for use of the Network:

1.    Members use INFRADEV only to advance the objectives of INFRADEV by:
  • Sharing information regarding infrastructure development and finance;
  • Contributing views on issues that need to be resolved, and suggestions on possible remedies;
  • Providing testimonials and suggestions on projects, products, services, programs, and processes,  related to the development and financing of infrastructure projects;
  • Sharing success stories and leading-edge transaction descriptions that can serve as  templates for replication and scaling up of infrastructure development initiatives;
  • Specifying the type of feedback or assistance needed from other Members;
  • Comment on  issues that fall within your area of expertise or competence; and
  • Including information on up-coming events, newly available reference publications and announcements of new services and products.
2.    Members are not permitted to use the Network to:
  • Discuss issues that are not connected to the objectives and purpose of INFRADEV;
  • Disseminate items related to political campaigns or engage in party proselytism;
  • Use the tool for personal conversations; or
  • Engage in offensive attacks against specific individuals or institutions.

3.    Members commit to professional, positive communications to achieve concrete results in support of the INFRADEV’s objectives. Please include facts and documentation, whenever possible, to support views on issues and proposed solutions.

4.    Members use respectful, professional language in all communications.

5.    Members comply with the “Confidentiality Statute”:  All Member comments and opinions included on the INFRADEV Leader’s Network are for the express use of its Members (i.e., in accordance with “Chatham House rules;” comments will not be disseminated to the public or the press). The platform is an “informal” vehicle for the personal viewpoints of Members. Members recognize the importance of maintaining an open and confidential dialogue in order to promote private-public sector collaboration, in support of the Network’s objectives.

6.    Members agree to notify the INFRADEV Team of any questions, suggestions or problems.

NOTE: The Network provider reserves the right to revoke the privilege of being an INFRADEV Member, if the aforementioned conditions are not respected.

Please see the INFRADEV User Quick Guide for information on how to access and use INFRADEV functionality.