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Program NameUganda: Rural Electrification Agency
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Program DescriptionREA was established as a semi-autonomous Agency by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development through Statutory Instrument 2001 no. 75, to operationalise Government's rural electrification function under a public-private partnership. It functions as the secretariat of the Rural Electrification Board (REB) which carries out the Minister's rural electrification responsibilities, as defined in the Electricity Act of 1999.

The Rural Electrification Agency (REA) is mandated to facilitate the Government's goal of achieving a rural electrification rate of at-least 10% by the year 2012 from 1% at the beginning of the decade.

Vision: REA's vision is "Universal access to electricity by 2035"

Mission: REA's mission is "To facilitate the provision of electricity for social - economic rural transformation in an equitable and sustainable manner".

Goal: Our medium term goal is to achieve 10% rural electrification by 2012.

Core Values: The REA organizational philosophy is anchored in the following three core values:

1. Responsiveness to stakeholder needs, reliability and accessibility at all times.
2. Effectiveness and efficiency anchored in professionalism, teamwork, time management, innovation and practicing the concept of a Learning Organization.
3. Accountability and transparency in the conduct of public affairs.

As the Secretariat of the Rural Electrification Board, REA is charged with the following key responsibilities:

1. Undertake basic planning and preparation of projects in line with the Indicative Rural Electrification Master Plan (IREMP) and as determined by the Rural Electrification Board as eligible for support.

2. Implement Government’s priority rural electrification projects for public funding as determined by the Board.

3. Generate and provide information relating to investment opportunities, costs and benefits of rural electrification and available technical and financial support facilities to all stakeholders.

4. Recommend to the Rural Electrification Board the most efficient use of the Rural Electrification Fund (REF) for the promotion of the Rural Electrification Programme as set out from time to time in the Government policy.

5. Process applications for financial support from the REF.

6. Build and maintain a national database on rural electrification projects in Uganda.

7. Prepare for the Board an annual status report on the Rural Electrification Programme indicating progress, challenges and obstacles, and identifying options for mitigating the obstacles.

8. Carry out any other functions as the board may, after consultation with the Minister, direct.

REA Fund: The object of the Fund is to promote equitable coverage of rural electrification in Uganda through increased provision of access to electricity for economic, social and household use.

The fund is specifically used for the following purposes:

1. Support of the Rural Electrification Programme and its activities including:
- general support activities such as promotion campaigns, gathering of information and data, project preparation, and promotion of productive use of electricity;
- grants for public investments and subsidies for private sector investments and community access in rural electrification projects. In the case of the private sector, the Fund is used to lower the financial threshold for investment to lower the tariff to affordable levels;

2. Operational expenses of the Rural Electrification Agency and the Board.

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Program Sector(s)n.a.
Overall Program Contact(s)Rural Electrification Agency, (REA)
Phone: +256-312-318100
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Sectors: Energy: General, Electricity Generation: Renewable (hydro, wind, biomass, geothermal, solar)
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