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Program NameDR Congo Investment Promotion Agency
Country/RegionCongo, Democratic Republic of
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Program DescriptionThe National Agency for Investment Promotion (ANAPI) is a public technical institution provided with a legal status and management autonomy. It is under the supervision of the planning Minister.

Under the law n°004/2002 of February 21st, 2002 regarding Investment Code, and Decree n°09/33 of August 8th, 2009 from the Prime Minister regarding the status, the organization and the operating of ANAPI, the key missions of the Agency are as stated hereafter:

1) Work for the improvement of the business climate through a permanent advocacy in order to improve the investment climate, thus playing its role of Government advisor;
2) Promote the positive image of the DRC as the best destination of investments in Africa;
3) Disseminate towards domestic as well as international investors assets and investment opportunities of the country so as to induce them to invest in DR Congo;
4) Provide various services to investors to facilitate their establishment and competitiveness.
5) Grant customs and tax incentives to investors whose projects are eligible for the benefits of Investment Code.

ANAPI is a public technical institution reporting to the Planning Ministry. It acts as an advisor of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo as regards investments. It was instituted by the law n°004/2002 of 21st February, 2002 concerning investment Code. As One-stop shop or the entry door of investors in D.R.C, ANAPI is responsible for welcoming investors and help them settle in the country, promotingdomestic and foreign investments in the country and approving the investment projects at the benefits of Investment Code.

ANAPI provides a range of services to investors, namely: Welcome investors in border posts of the D.R. Congo, help set up enterprises, organize stays for investors visiting the country, search for partners, obtaining visas, search for land concessions and buildings, approve projects at the benefits of Investment Code, make advocacy towards relevant authorities.

ANAPI promotional activities involve all economic activity areas as mentioned below:

1) Agriculture
2) Agribusiness
3) Breeding
4) Fishing
5) Manufacturing Industries
6) Hotel trade and catering
7) Building and civil engineering
8) Council housing
9) Timber and forestry
10) Air, road, sea, and fluvial transports
11) Telecommunications
12) Information technology
13) Energy
14) Textile
15) Various services
16) Mining, banking and insurance (for advice)

Concerning approval or grant of rights related to the last sectors (mining, banking and insurance), ANAPI's opinion is required for all the files related to the said sectors.

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DR Congo Investment Promotion Agency
Phone: +24399 99 25 026
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