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Program NameBurundi Investment Promotion Authority
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Program DescriptionThe Presidential Decree No. 100/177 of October 19, 2009 originates the creation and organization of the Investment Promotion Authority. The agency in its definition is endowed with a legal status and its own financial patrimoine along with a financial and organizational autonomy.

General Mission:

1) Informing the investors on every aspect of the investment and the export promotion
2) Provide assistance and support investors in general and the exporters specifically in obtaining the documents and complete the formalities required by the legislation
3) Design the reforms required for the improvement of the business environment
4) Intervene within the administration in case of non–compliance or incorrect application of any law or regulation in connection with investment and exports promotion
5) Further to the improvement of the quality and the distribution of information necessary for the investors, the IPA is invited to exploit the strong potential for the development of sectors such as services, tourism, mining and agriculture

Specific Mission:

1) Ensure the proper and efficient application of the Investment Code provisions, as well as the fiscal and customs provisions in favour of investors fulfilling legal requirements;
2) Without prejudice to Law n ° 1/24, dated September 10, 2008;and in pursuance to Burundian Investment Code provisions Articles 14 & 15; decide on the eligibility of the projects for the enterprises creation or extension under regimes provided for in these article
3) Analyse the enterprises needs in relation with the authorities concerned, and the appropriated modifications in the administrative apparatus regulation to promote a favourable environment for the enterprise development
4) Raise government awareness and suggest to the government the legal and institutional reforms to undertake in order to favor the implementation and the development of new enterprises and to improve the business environment in Burundi
5) Contribute to facilitate the establishment of industrial, commercial and services enterprises within the Government economic and social development plan.
6) Facilitate export–oriented production
7) Ensure that companies make an environmental impact study before their implementation
8) Ensure that enterprises comply with the town and country planning before their implementation
9) Identify, acknowledge and promote investment opportunities in Burundi
10) Promote enterprises development and direct or indirect support to the strengthening and modernization of entrepreneurship in Burundi
11) Supply to investors technical and technological information, addresses of equipment and raw material suppliers
12) Welcome, advice, guide and assist investors in order to facilitate their projects realization
13) Collect and disseminate economic information to operators
14) Promote exchanges and partnerships between private sector operators, being domestic or foreign
15) Contribute to the realization of studies for the investment and exports promotion
16) Contribute to the investors training and coaching in enterprises creation and management
17) Support consulting companies and training enterprises in order to reinforce national expertise and consulting capabilities
18) Contribute to the organization of fairs and other events designed to promote investment in Burundi

Investment opportunities exist in the following sectors:

1) Services
2) Mining
3) Agriculture
4) Manufacturing
5) Tourism
6) Transport
7) Energy
8) Financial Services
9) Food and Beverage
10) Healthcare
11) ICT
12) Infrastructure
13) Real Estate


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Burundi Investment Promotion Authority
Phone: (+257) 222 75 996
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