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In Argentina, the role of the state has profoundly changed due to the growing importance of private sector investment and the state's increasing role as a regulator in the economic sector, which allows it to adapt to the demands of the marketplace. The primary goal of the government continues to be to maximize the well-being of the population, which in turn requires searching for a greater efficient use of the economy's resources.

To achieve this objective specifically as it pertains to the electrical energy sector, the federal government has adopted a new sectoral policy that has its origin in the Law 24,065, which constitutes the "Electrical Regulatory Framework".

In this new framework, the Federal Council of Electric Energy (created in 1960 by Law Nº 15,336 and Prescribed Decree Nº 2073 of the same year) has acquired an important role due to its dual responsibility. First, as administrator of funds to be allocated in the electric sector. Secondly, as advisor to the National Executive authority and to the Province governments in matters concerning the electrical sector, including public or private electrical services, setting the priorities of the execution of studies and works, concessions and authorizations, and pricing and tariffs. It advises on modifications in legislation required in the electrical sector.   

In order to fulfill its dual role as administrator and advisor in matters related to national electrical sector policy, the Secretary of Energy or the Undersecretary presides over the representative of the Secretariat of Energy that is, in addition, President of his Executive Committee, and two representatives (the person in office and a substitute) by each one of the Argentine Provinces. The latter are appointed by the executive authorities of the Provinces and designated by the Secretary of Energy of the Nation.

In this manner a forum has been created in which the various issues of the provincial jurisdictions may be understood in order for this organization to advise with respect to the development

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