DEMAND FOR INFRASTRUCTURE: What are Infrastructure Needs and Programs?

Program NameColombia: Infrastructure & Energy Unit (DIE)/Departamento Nacional de Planeamiento
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Program DescriptionThe Infrastructure and Energy Unit - DIE - supports the Department of National Planning implementing the necessary steps to develop the road and transport, telecommunications, mining, hydrocarbon, and energy sectors in coordination with the relevant agencies and units. In these sectors, the Unit provides guidance, participates and promotes the design, follow-up, control and evaluation in the implementation of policies, plans, programs, studies and investment projects together with related agencies. Working towards the well-being of the Colombian population, the unit is focused on the development of general policies and strategies for an adequate and efficient delivery of public services. In order to fulfill these functions, the Unit is supported by the Transport, Mining and Telecommunications Sub-Units and counts on the Advisory Group for Infrastructure Projects. The Infrastructure and Sustainable Energy Unit with the technical support from the Private Participation in Infrastructure Team has worked on the promotion of sound processes to link private sector investors in the transfer of assets and the financing, construction and/or operation, rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure in the road, port, airport, urban transport, energy, gas, telecommunications, and water & sanitation sectors.

Director de Infraestructura y Energía
René Alejandro Córtes Forero
Teléfono: 5 96 03 00, extensión 2150.
Correo electrónico:

Subdirección de Transporte
Ana María Pinto Ayala
Teléfono: 5 96 03 00, extensión 2160.
Correo electrónico:

Subdirector de Minas y Energía
Carlos Fernando Eraso
Teléfono: 5 96 03 00, extensión 2190.
Correo electrónico:

Subdirección de Telecomunicaciones
Juan Camilo Granados Riveros
Teléfono: 5 96 03 00, extensión 2180.
Correo electrónico:

Program Source(s)DNP - Dirección de Infraestructura y Energía Sostenible
Program Sector(s)n.a.
Overall Program Contact(s)n.a.
Program Project(s)n.a.
Program Documents Colombia - Private Participation in Infrastructure Guidelines - DIE, DNP (2007).pdf
Colombia - Grupo Empresarial ISA_Un Ejemplo Exitoso de la Integración entre Publico y Privado - ISA (2005).ppt
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