DEMAND FOR INFRASTRUCTURE: What are Infrastructure Needs and Programs?

Program NamePeru: ProInversion - Private Investment Promotion Agency
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Program DescriptionMission: Promoting investment by private agents not depending on the Peruvian State, so as to incentivate Peru’s competitiveness and sustainable development and improve the population’s well-being.

Vision: Being an agency the population and investors acknowledge as a strategic ally for the development of investments in Peru, aiming at improving the population’s well-being”.

Private Investment Promotion Agency Guidelines:

1. To promote investments mainly established in regions and provinces

2. To prioritize investment promotion aimed at assisting to increase jobs, national competitiveness and exports, matching national, regional and local interests

3. To improve quality of utilities and expand their coverage through modalities encouraging participation of investments non-dependent from the Peruvian State

4. To promote a culture favoring investment non-dependent from the Peruvian State as a means for the growth and development of the economy and social wealth

5. To develop mechanisms oriented to attract and assist investors

6. To promote the image of the country as an adequate place to develop national and foreign investments

Economic sectors include:

1. Agribusiness: The excellent profitability per hectare in the Peruvian coast is possible due to its dry tropical climate and the Andes mountain range.

2. Fishery: Due to the high productivity of its sea, the high nutritional value of its products and the diversity of its species, Peru has great potential in the fishing sector.

3. Tourism: Thanks to its amazing archaeological monuments, its large biodiversity and internationally renowned gastronomy, Peru has become a world-class tourism destination.

4. Textile: The long Peruvian textile tradition has favored professionalization and training of qualified workforce.

5. Petrochemical: Peru has abundant hydrocarbon wealth (oil and gas) in diverse areas of its territory, mainly the continental shelf and the rainforest.

6. Energy: Peru is a country with a high and interesting availability of water resources and natural gas. This has made possible to meet the local energy demand.

7. Mining: Peru is one of the most attractive destinations for mining investment due to the high level of its reserves and the legal framework that promotes private investment.

8. Infrastructure: The growing investments in transport infrastructure carried out during the last decade have boosted the integration towards new markets.

9. Construction: The high housing deficit, the population’s increasing purchasing power and a better access to credit are the factors that dynamize this sector.

10. Services: The local market's growth and dynamism, the availability of top-class labor and other factors make Peru an excellent alternative for investment in this sector.

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Program Sector(s)No Specific Sector
Overall Program Contact(s)Rodriguez Piazze , Héctor
Director of the Investment Promotion Bureau, ProInversion
Phone: 200-1200 Ext. 1367

Herrera Perret, Carlos
Director of Investor Services, ProInversion
Phone: 200-1200 Ext. 1256
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