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Program NameBrazil/São Paulo: Unidade de PPP
Sovereign Long-Term Rating
S & P Local: BBB+ S & P Foreign: BBB-
Moody's Local: Ba1 Moody's Foreign: Ba1
Fitch Local: BBB- Fitch Foreign: BBB-
Includes Sub-Sovereigns?Yes
São Paulo
Sub-Sovereign Long-Term Rating
S & P Local: NR S & P Foreign: NR
Moody's Local: Ba2 Moody's Foreign: Ba2
Fitch Local: NR Fitch Foreign: NR
Program DescriptionPublic and Private Partnerships

The technical coordination of the State Program of Public-Private Partnerships is at the PPP Unit, a technical and advising entity created by Law 11,688 which is under the responsibility of the Secretariat of Economy and Planning.

Law Nr. 11,688 which created the Program of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in the State of São Paulo, was approved by Governor Geraldo Alckmin, on May 19, 2004.

Under the PPP modality, companies execute and operate projects and are remunerated by the State within a minimum period of 5 and maximum of 35 years, as the Federal Law Nr. 11,079 of 30.12.2004 establishes.

For the São Paulo government, the success of the road concessions and the natural gas distribution created a favorable environment for the implementation of Public-Private Partnerships in the State. For instance, the new highway “Imigrantes” was implemented in a private participation scheme into 32 months, without the need of public resources.

Some of the projects which are being analysed and that can be possibly done under this new model are: the Express Airport, linking the Center of São Paulo and the Airport of Cumbica; the Train of Guarulhos; Line 4 of the Subway; the Corridor of Campinas Exportation - Valley of the Paraíba - Port of São Sebastião and SABESP Water Treatment Unity of Taiaçupeba.

Other sectors with a potential for PPP projects are health, sanitation, education, prisons and electronic government & information technology.

Program Source(s)Government of Sao Paolo - Public Private Partnerships
Program Sector(s)Airports
Railroads (Intercity Freight & Passenger)
Water treatment plants
Urban Transport: Rail
Roads (Bridges & Toll Roads)
Overall Program Contact(s)n.a.
Program Project(s)n.a.
Program Documents Govt of São Paulo - PPP (2007).pdf
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