DEMAND FOR INFRASTRUCTURE: What are Infrastructure Needs and Programs?

Program NameEgypt: Public and Private Partnership Central Unit - Ministry of Finance
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S & P Local: n.a. S & P Foreign: n.a.
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Program DescriptionA “Centre of Expertise” which is vested with the Mission to introduce and communicate the Public Private Partnership policy, to develop practice and to take a vital role in the delivery of the initial projects. The Centre will bring in support and experience from domestic and overseas experts. It is a Unit within the Ministry of Finance that is charged by Government to oversee and implement the policy.

Responsibilities and Duties:

1. Articulating a single national PPP policy so that its objectives and mechanisms are understood by Ministries and State Agencies, Founders, contractors, the Press and the General Public

2. Developing and sponsoring new legislation and regulation for PPP procurement and practice which must be observed by all ministries submitting PPP proposals

3. Importing experience from other countries and developing guidance and methodologies that is appropriate to Egypt. The Centre should be the recognized authority on the PPP process developing a "Toolkit" to standardize PPP practice across Government

4. Assisting Ministries and public bodies developing PPP proposals (Business Cases). The MOF must agree that these cases are sound before procurement can proceed and Budget be allocated

5. Communicating the process to the professional Private Sector Participants (Banks, Lawyers etc)

6. Helping devise the structure of PPP funding and security packages

7. Being the “intelligence gatherer” to appreciate the development of concession/PPP practice in other countries

8. Being a “Public Face” to the initiative with a Newsletter and a Website

9. Promoting the development of concession PPP Project Finance Advisory Skills for export to the Eastern Mediterranean and Gulf regions

10. Public phase of PPP in Egypt

11. Identification of pilot projects

12. Coordinate the PPP programe and process across line ministries, Private Sector and funding market

13. Manage PPP transaction and provide technical and advisory support as well as insure compliance with legislative framework

14. Supervise Tendering and Performance Monitoring Committees

Sectors include:

1. Water and desalination
2. Waste water
3. Electricity
4. Communications
5. Health
6. Courts and prisons
7. River transport (freight and passengers)
8. Sea ports
9. Railways and metro
10. Roads and accesses
11. Airports
12. Higher education
13. Education and schools
14. Solid waste recycling and cleaning
15. Gas and oil

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Program Sector(s)No Specific Sector
Overall Program Contact(s),
PPP Central Unit - Ministry of Finance
Phone: +202 2342 1283
Program Project(s)n.a.
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