Information Resources: Types of Risks & Mitigants

Information on concepts and approaches to mitigate different types of risks and on relevant public and private risk mitigation providers and their roles.

Overall Concepts and Approaches (61 articles)
Regulatory & Political (39 articles)
Currency (19 articles)
Performance (14 articles)
Other Types of Risk (30 articles)

List of All Resources in this Category: (116 total)
  Title Author(s) Year
update Building on the Monterrey Consensus: The Untapped Potential of Development Finance Institutions to Catalyse Private Investment World Economic Forum (WEF) 2006
update Country Diagnostics Studies Highlights: Nepal: Critical Development Constraints Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2009
update Managing Municipal Solid Waste in Latin America and the Caribbean: Integrating the Private Sector, Harnessing Incentives PPIAF (Hoornweg, Daniel and Giannelli, Natalie) 2007
update A Demand Driven Design for Irrigation in Egypt: Minimizing Risks for Both Farmers and Private Investors PPIAF (Baietti, Aldo and Abdel-Dayem, Safwat) 2008
update Worldwide Trends in Private Participation in Roads: Growing Activity, Growing Government Support PPIAF (Queiroz, Cesar and Izaguirre, Ada Karina) 2008
update The Growing and Evolving Business of Private Participation in Airports: New trends, New Actors Emerging PPIAF (Andrew, Doug and Dochia, Silviu) 2006
update Port Reform in Nigeria: Upstream Policy Reforms Kick-Start One of the World’s Largest Concession Programs PPIAF (Leigland, James and Palsson, Gylfi) 2006
update Transforming Telecoms in Afghanistan: Expanding Affordable Access by Introducing Competition PPIAF (Bhatia, Bhavna and Gupta, Neeraj) 2006
update What it Takes to Lower Regulatory Risk in Infrastructure Industries: An Assessment and Benchmarking of Brazilian Regulators PPIAF (Correa, Paulo) 2007
update What Drives Private Sector Exit from Infrastructure?: Economic Crises and Other Factors in the Cancellation of Infrastructure Projects in Developing Countries PPIAF (Harris, Clive and Pratap, Kumar V.) 2009
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