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update PPIAF Promotes the Development of Modern Off-Grid Lighting Devices in Africa PPIAF 2011
update PPIAF Supports the Reconstruction of Infrastructure in Post-Conflict Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa PPIAF 2011
update PPIAF Supports Small-Scale Service Providers in Uganda PPIAF 2011
update Private Participation in Water: Toward a New Generation of Projects? PPIAF (Marin, Philippe and Izaguirre, Ada Karina) 2006
update Meeting Water Needs in Vietnam: How Engaging Communities Can Help Lead to Viable Projects PPIAF (Kingdom, Bill and Reddel, Paul) 2006
update A Demand Driven Design for Irrigation in Egypt: Minimizing Risks for Both Farmers and Private Investors PPIAF (Baietti, Aldo and Abdel-Dayem, Safwat) 2008
update Worldwide Trends in Private Participation in Roads: Growing Activity, Growing Government Support PPIAF (Queiroz, Cesar and Izaguirre, Ada Karina) 2008
update The Growing and Evolving Business of Private Participation in Airports: New trends, New Actors Emerging PPIAF (Andrew, Doug and Dochia, Silviu) 2006
update Port Reform in Nigeria: Upstream Policy Reforms Kick-Start One of the World’s Largest Concession Programs PPIAF (Leigland, James and Palsson, Gylfi) 2006
update Transforming Telecoms in Afghanistan: Expanding Affordable Access by Introducing Competition PPIAF (Bhatia, Bhavna and Gupta, Neeraj) 2006
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