LEADING EDGE TRANSACTIONS: What are Leading-Edge Transactions for Possible Replication?

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This section is intended to disseminate information on leading edge transactions which have been closed primarily since 2001 to date, so that the volume of infrastructure transactions can be increased through wider use of innovative risk mitigation practices. Included are: (1) infrastructure transactions that have used risk mitigation instruments; and (2) all types of innovative transactions (for both infrastructure and non-infrastructure) potentially applicable to private finance of infrastructure (e.g., capital markets, bank financing, equity, etc).

Types of innovation include: (1) new risk mitigation instruments; (2) new providers of risk mitigation instruments; (3) existing risk mitigation instruments used in different ways to address specific types of risks or access a new type of financing, or new forms of public – private risk sharing (for example, risks such as regulatory, demand, and performance/construction; financing such as capital market, foreign, and domestic; extended "economic life" tenors; new risk sharing arrangements between public and private risk mitigation providers); (4) existing risk mitigation instruments used with innovative structures (for example, trust funds, output-based aid, liquidity facilities, monoline guarantees, etc); and (5) new priority target sectors, such as sub-sovereign and climate-improving projects.

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Public Sector

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