Mission: Creating Business-Enabling Environments


All countries signing the UN Monterrey Consensus recognized the power of business-enabling environments in delivering new jobs, economic growth, and improved living standards. Improved country business environments result in new investments by existing and new investors, more effective investment promotion efforts, and improved global competitiveness. To implement the Monterrey Consensus, the Global Government-Investor Network Service (GIN) has been created as a free Financing for Development Tool available to developing country governments and regional governmental organizations that are committed to creating business-enabling environments.

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A Framework for Aid Effectiveness

By providing a standardized secure Intranet communication platform, the GIN enhances the capacity of developing country governments to openly and cost-effectively collaborate with the private sector in improving the business-enabling environment.  The GIN provides a government management tool for open private sector consultation, enabling the open identification of critical investment impediments and possible solutions, improving intergovernmental coordination, and catalyzing solutions.

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Successes to Date

The first National GIN Pilot was launched in Nicaragua in 2004 with the support of the Presidency and the Investment Promotion Agency. More than 50 success stories have been reported, ranging from open government consultations with investors on regulations and laws to improve the business climate to enhanced intergovernmental coordination to improve infrastructure. Based on the Nicaraguan GIN success, a Regional Central American Network to advance regional tourism integration was approved in 2006 by the seven Tourism Ministers of the Central American Council of Tourism and the National Presidents of the seven Central American Tourism Chambers, and launched in January 2008.

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To enable replication and sustainability, development agencies are now being invited to partner with the Swiss government in ensuring these Financing for Development Tools can be used by developing country governments to enhance their capacity to mobilize private sector resources for development. The Tools advance the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness by strengthening the ability of development agencies to collaborate effectively with the private sector, harmonize programs and policies with other donors; align with government development objectives; and identify the investment impediments and possible remedies identified by local and international investors.

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