Service Agreement

The Global Government-Investor Network Service (GIN) is an intranet-based subscription service, developed as a nonprofit project by Samuels Associates (a designated business Interlocutor of UN Financing for Development) with funding from the Swiss Government, Norwegian Government, Ford Foundation, United Nations, and Samuels Associates as a concrete practical tool to implement The Monterrey Consensus objective of enhancing developing country government capacity to “create business-enabling country environments” (click here for the UN Global Clearinghouse Discussion Paper). The GIN Global Service is intended to be easily available as a cost-effective tool for all developing country governments and regional governmental organizations seeking to implement this objective as a means to increase economic growth, job creation, and poverty reduction.

The GIN enables ongoing cost-effective communication between government and investor members on initiatives and priority issues for resolution. The problems or issues raised in these communications can be followed up in GIN Working Group meetings or Issue Workshops, where members are invited to collectively discuss in-person the possible ways to overcome identified impediments. After in-person meetings, members can also use the GIN to offer follow-up comments to further solutions and other ideas. In this way, an on-going dialogue on overcoming specific impediments can be maintained and facilitated by the GIN.

The creation of the GIN Global Service has been provided within the global context of enabling all UN member developing country governments with an enhanced capacity to implement the UN Monterrey Consensus objective of greater private sector consultation in enhancing business-enabling environments. As such, the GIN Global Service is designed to be a cost-effective instrument available to multiple developing countries and regions, and all regional and country GINs are serviced from a secure server operated by the Global Clearinghouse in order to provide a highly cost-effective service to all governments requesting use of the GIN Global Service.

Government Sponsor
The GIN is sponsored by senior government officials and managed by a government GIN Coordinator. The government sponsor of the GIN Network selects the government officials and investors most relevant to the specific Network issue. Members can suggest additional members for inclusion. The GIN Global Service allows a government to operate up to 10 Networks at a time. Each Network should be setup to support ongoing processes to improve a certain aspect of the business environment.

Governments and Regional Entities using the GIN agree to ensure that GIN Networks align with the accountable government agencies for improving the country’s business environment and investor aftercare. Click here to view a template GIN Service Agreement. This Agreement includes success factors that should be included as part of the specific agreement between a government and a donor agency that decides to establish one or more GIN Networks, where the government agrees to implement the success factors using suggested operations means.