A Framework for Aid Effectiveness

Supporting the Paris Declaration

The GIN is a concrete tool that donors can use to ensure that their policies are aligned and support those of the developing country. By bringing multiple Donors together via the Intranet, the GIN serves as a virtual “Donor Table” allowing Donors to work together to harmonize aid efforts.

  • Aligning Development Aid with Government Priorities - As GIN Members, Donors get a first hand view of government development priorities, as well as a clear understanding of private sector concerns and questions with respect to government policies. This transparent level of communications strengthens each Donor’s ability to ensure that its development policies are aligned with the government’s national development objectives.
  • Donor Harmonization of Aid Efforts - All Donor Members can also work together to harmonize their efforts to focus on project or program support that helps remove barriers to creating effective business-enabling environments. Specifically, Donors can work in concert to support specific government initiatives or proposals that need outside donor support.