To enable replication and sustainability, development agencies are now being invited to partner with the Swiss government in ensuring these Financing for Development Tools can be used by developing country governments to enhance their capacity to mobilize private sector resources for development. The Tools advance the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness by strengthening the ability of development agencies to collaborate effectively with the private sector, harmonize programs and policies with other donors; align with government development objectives; and identify the investment impediments and possible remedies identified by local and international investors.

The Government-Investor Network (GIN) is one of three tools that comprise the Financing for Development (or FfD) Toolkit. These Tools have been developed over the last six years to implement the Monterrey Consensus objective of mobilizing private sector resources for development, advancing the capacity of developing country governments and aid effectiveness of development agencies. These Tools are designed to use simple communication technologies to enable more effective collaboration and catalytic exchange between governments, the private sector, and development agencies needed to breakthrough long-standing impediments to achieve results across all developing countries.

For more information on all three of these tools, please visit the Global Clearinghouse for Development Finance website, and click on Participate to find out how you can help support our work.