Mission: Creating Business-Enabling Environments

As a secure Intranet communication platform, the GIN enhances the capacity of governments to openly collaborate with the private sector in improving the business-enabling environment by enabling the open identification of critical investment impediments and possible solutions, improving intergovernmental coordination, and catalyzing solutions. The GIN can be used to:

  • Enhance government capacity to identify investment impediments and possible solutions, as well as success stories to advance investment promotion;
  • Enhance cost-effectiveness of Investor After Care Function (usually conducted by the government’s Investment Promotion Agency);
  • Enable cost-effective open government policy consultation with private sector on draft regulations, laws, programs, policies and other initiatives aimed at enhancing business-enabling environments; and
  • Provide distribution channel for government communication with investors on country developments, policies, and opportunities, thereby extending cost-effective government outreach and investment promotion and reducing the risk of misunderstandings and potential for financial contagion.

The GIN also includes a Problem-Tracking System and Performance Reports that strengthen the government’s ability to solve issues across ministries and agencies and mobilize senior political support. Governments may also establish a “Donor Table” so they have access to first-hand accounts of problems and possible solutions, and can harmonize their programs and funding, enabling greater aid effectiveness.