Mission & Benefits

The Development Finance Portal implements the Monterrey Consensus objective of increasing access to information needed for greater investment across all developing countries by providing in one central location easy access to enabling information on investment opportunities, risk assessments, and transaction services. As of July 1, 2008, 160 developing countries are covered, with over 42,000 content items from developing country governments (13,888 items); official sector development agencies (14,819 items); third party services (8,713 items); and financial business entities (4,903 items).

As an independent information initiative, the Portal is the only existing free service that enables one-stop access to the full range of information on developing countries, including information from developing country government agencies designated to produce investment-related information as well as key reports produced by development agencies, third-party entities, and the private sector.  Examples of content on the Portal include:
1) Direct Reports from Host Country Governments: The Portal serves as a central platform for enhancing investor outreach of country investment promotion agencies, and important communications from central banks, ministries of finance, and other host government entities.  Governments can, at no cost, broadcast to investors worldwide important country information, including success stories and economic, financial, and political developments of relevance to investor evaluations of opportunities and risks. In addition, government officials can easily email Portal pages to interested investors (such as information on country competitiveness, success stories, new regulations, investment climate developments, etc.)

2) Direct Access to Official Sector Assessments and Data: Enormous resources are spent by an array of multilateral and bilateral agencies in assessing country competitiveness, opportunities and risks, and evaluating compliance with Global Codes and Standards. The Portal is the only free one-stop-location for investors that organizes these assessments by user needs, enabling cost-effective access by topic.

3) Direct Access to other Expert Country Assessments: The evaluations of private sector companies and independent third-party services are critical to enhancing investor capacity to identify investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, and develop prudent risk management strategies. The Portal includes links to services used by both mainstream and Social Responsibility Investors.

4) Easy Access to Investment-Enabling Services: Investments can be facilitated through providing easy access to information on sources of capital, expertise, risk management services, and possible partners.

The objective of the Development Finance Portal is to provide users with the full range of available information, data, and analysis on topics critical to investment in developing countries.

The process for gathering content for the Portal is as follows:

  • Collect standard information sources for each country and topic (official reports from multilateral organizations and bilateral entities; host government regulations, statistics, announcements, reports; business assessments, reports, and surveys from banks, business organizations, and other companies; and third party assessments from rating agencies, think-tanks, academics, and not-for-profits).
  • Ask country governments, business organizations, and network of participants for additional content suggestions.
  • Scan the web on a regular basis for new information using search engines, as well as routine consultations with experts on new research and information that should be added.
  • Incorporate ongoing suggestions for content provided by Portal users.

The key principles governing the process of gathering content and determining the criteria for inclusion on the global portal are as follows:

  • Inclusiveness - All reputable information and analytical sources are to be included. The span of sources should be wide, including both local country as well as regional and international sources; government, multilateral, business, and third party sources; academic, research, policy maker as well as practitioner sources. All Portal users are invited to provide content suggestions.
  • Transparency - All information sources are to be clearly documented by source and date.
  • Expert-Based - The operating criteria of the Portal is to be entirely based on professional ethics of expertise, with the mission of providing the full range of expert information and analysis. At no time will considerations of political or business vested interest be allowed to circumvent, restrict, or influence in any way the content provided on the Development Finance Portal.
  • Government Accountability - Each government is encouraged to use the Portal as a venue to directly communicate with investors (such as incentives, programs, regulations, and success stories).
  • Cost-Effective Market Outreach - All content providers are encouraged to use the Portal as an effective outreach mechanism to insure their information is used as cost-effectively as possible in improving the quality of investor and policy maker decision-making.