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The Global Clearinghouse is a public-private sector initiative aimed at enhancing investor access to the full array of information and services provided by both official and private sectors on opportunities and risks in developing countries.

Government officials in developing countries, as well as multilateral development banks and bilateral aid agencies, can use the Portal Service to: improve their knowledge of the information on developing countries currently available to investors; increase their ability to enhance the quality and accessibility of information to investors; and improve the quality of related government policy making.

We would very much welcome your suggestions:

  • Names of specific government officials whom you feel would benefit from these services, with their contact info, so we can provide them with information on the Portal;
  • Feedback on how to improve the usefulness of the Portal Service; and
  • Information gaps that impair the ability to make investment decisions for any developing country, so we can alert information providers in the private and public sectors.
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