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BCBS Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision, September 1997 N/A N/A
Better Regulation Task Force, (UK) Cabinet Office Independent Regulators (October, 2003) 08-2005 06-2009
CEMFI and Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) (Repullo, R.) Liquidity, Risk Taking, and the Lender of Last Resort (September, 2005) 09-2005 11-2008
Energy Research Programme & Danish Research Training Council (Johannsen, Katjia Sander) Regulatory Independence in Theory and Practice: A Survey of Independent Energy Regulators in Eight European Countries (February, 2003) 08-2005 06-2009
IAIS Insurance Core Principles, October 2003 N/A 04-2007
IMF Code of Good Practices on Fiscal Transparency, revised April 2007 (April, 2007) 01-2008 06-2009
IMF Draft Guide on Resource Revenue Transparency (December 15, 2004) 02-2005 07-2009
IMF Ethnic Diversity, Democracy, and Corruption (Yehoue, Etienne) (September 1, 2007) 09-2007 10-2011
IMF Public Information Notice: IMF Establishes an Exogenous Shocks Facility (December 8, 2005) 12-2005 N/A
IMF Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Agrees on Implementation Modalities for the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (December 8, 2005) 12-2005 11-2009
IMF Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board has Preliminary Discussions on Charges and Maturities (August 1, 2005) 08-2005 11-2009
IMF Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Holds Follow Up Meeting on Public Investment and Fiscal Policy (May 27, 2005) 05-2005 11-2009
IMF Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Reviews the Fund's Transparency Policy (August 15, 2005) 09-2005 11-2009
IMF (Ahmad, Ehtisham and Bob Searle) On the Implementation of Transfers to Subnational Governments (June 1, 2005) 07-2005 N/A
IMF (Allen, R.) The Challenge of Reforming Budgetary Institutions in Developing Countries (May 1, 2009) 05-2009 N/A
IMF (Camilleri, M. et al.) Audit Committees in Central Banks (April, 2007) 04-2007 06-2009
IMF (Crowe, Christopher et al.) Central Bank Independence and Transparency: Evolution and Effectiveness (May 1, 2008) 06-2008 10-2008
IMF (Dabla-Norris, E. and Paul, E.) What Transparency Can Do When Incentives Fail: An Analysis of Rent Capture (June 1, 2006) 06-2006 10-2007
IMF (Di Bella, G.) A Stochastic Framework for Public Debt Sustainability Analysis (March 1, 2008) 03-2008 N/A
IMF (Freedman, Charles et al.) Inflation Targeting Pillars: Transparency and Accountability (December 1, 2009) 01-2010 01-2010
IMF (Funke, Norbert et al.) Terms of Trade Shocks and Economic Recovery (February 1, 2008) 02-2008 11-2008
IMF (Jacobs, D.) A Review of Capital Budgeting Practices (June 1, 2008) 08-2008 N/A
IMF (Maliszewski, Wojciech) Fiscal Policy Rules for Oil-Producing Countries: A Welfare-Based Assessment (June 1, 2009) 07-2009 N/A
IMF (Pani, M.) Hold Your Nose and Vote: Why Do Some Democracies Tolerate Corruption? (April 1, 2009) 05-2009 N/A
IMF (Tosun, Mehmet Serkan) Global Aging and Fiscal Policy with International Labor Mobility: A Political Economy Perspective (July 1, 2005) 08-2005 11-2008
IMF (Trebesch, Christoph) The Cost of Aggressive Sovereign Debt Policies: How Much is the Private Sector Affected? (February 1, 2009) 03-2009 N/A
IMF (Wei, S. et al) Collateral Damage: Exchange Controls and International Trade (January 1, 2007) 01-2007 01-2007
Independent Evaluation Office of the IMF Evaluation Resources 05-2007 05-2007
Independent Evaluation Office of the IMF Evaluations 05-2007 05-2007
Independent Evaluation Office of the IMF Publications 05-2007 05-2007
International Finance Corporation (IFC) (Klein, Michael) Perspectives on Investment Climate Reform (2005) 06-2005 07-2005
IOSCO Objectives and Principles of Securities Regulation (May, 2003) N/A 06-2009
IV Global Forum on Fighting Corruption (Dreher, Axel; Herzfeld, Thomas) The Economic Costs of Corruption: A Survey and New Evidence (June, 2005) 07-2005 06-2009
MIGA World Investment and Political Risk (2009) 01-2010 N/A
Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) Policy Framework for Investment 04-2009 N/A
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (Burniaux, Jean-Marc et al.) The Economics of Climate Change Mitigation: How to Build the Necessary Global Action in a Cost-effective Manner (June 2, 2009) 07-2009 N/A
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (Égert, B., T. Kozluk & D. Sutherland) Infrastructure Investment: Links to Growth and the Role of Public Policies (2009) 05-2009 05-2009
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (Mold, A., et al.) Taking Stock of the Credit Crunch: Implications for Development Finance and Global Governance (March 30, 2009) 05-2009 N/A
OSCE Governing the Internet (2007) 08-2007 N/A
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Office of Democracy & Governance Annual Report FY 2002 (March, 2002) N/A 06-2009
U.S. Department of Commerce The Sixth Annual Report Under Section 6 of the International Anti-Bribery and Fair Competition Act of 1998 (July, 2004) 01-2005 10-2008
UK Cabinet Office Better Policy Making: A Guide to Regulatory Impact Assessment 09-2004 10-2008
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Good Governance in Investment Promotion (August 25, 2004) 11-2004 10-2011
United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNODC) Background 01-2005 11-2008
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs World Economic and Social Survey (2006) 09-2006 10-2011
United Nations Millennium Project Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals (2005) 02-2005 10-2011
World Bank Governance and Anti-Corruption Data by Country N/A 11-2008
World Bank Governance Matters VII: Aggregate and Individual Governance Indicators 1996-2007 (Kaufmann, Daniel et al.) (June 1, 2008) 08-2008 10-2011
World Bank Myths and Realities of Governance and Corruption (2005) 03-2006 N/A
World Bank The Impact of the Investment Climate on Employment Growth: Does Sub-Saharan Africa Mirror Other Low-Income Regions? (Aterido, Reyes et al.) (February, 2010) 05-2010 10-2011
World Bank The New Anticorruption Homepage N/A 03-2003
World Bank (Aubert, Jean-Eric) Promoting Innovation in Developing Countries: A Conceptual Framework (April, 2005) 06-2005 06-2009
World Bank (Batra, G. et al) The Firms Speak: What the World Business Environment Survey Tells Us about Constraints on Private Sector Development (October, 2003) 01-2007 06-2009
World Bank (Bray, J.) International Companies and Post-Conflict Reconstruction - Cross-Sectoral Comparisons (February, 2005) 08-2005 06-2009
World Bank (Calomiris, Charles W., et al.) A Taxonomy of Financial Crisis Resolution Mechanisms: Cross-Country Experience (August, 2004) 10-2004 11-2008
World Bank (Caprio, Gerard and Honohan, Patrick) Can the Unsophisticated Market Provide Discipline? (August, 2004) 10-2004 11-2008
World Bank (Chiquier, Loic et al.) Mortgage Securities in Emerging Markets (August, 2004) 10-2004 11-2008
World Bank (Daniel Kauffmann, et al.) Governance Matters IV. Governance Indicators for 1996-2004 (June, 2005) 07-2005 11-2008
World Bank (Harris, Clive) Private Participation in Infrastructure in Developing Countries: Trends, Impacts, and Policy Lessons (March, 2003) 09-2003 11-2008
World Bank (Keefer, P.) Elections, Special Interests and the Fiscal Costs of Financial Crisis 12-2004 10-2008
World Bank (Kenny, C.) Infrastructure Governance and Corruption: Where next? (August 27, 2007) 09-2007 11-2008
World Bank (Kenny, C.) Measuring and Reducing the Impact of Corruption in Infrastructure (December, 2006) 02-2007 06-2009
World Bank (Kikeri, Sunita et al.) Privatization: Trends and Recent Developments (November 1, 2005) 02-2006 03-2010
World Bank (Lie, T. et al.) Post-Conflict Justice and Sustainable Peace (April, 2007) 05-2007 06-2009
World Bank (Montalvo, J. et al.) Ethnic Polarization and the Duration of Civil Wars (April, 2007) 05-2007 06-2009
World Bank (Safavian, M. and Sharma, S.) When Do Creditor Rights Work? (August 1, 2007) 09-2007 09-2007
World Bank (Taliercio, Jr. R) Designing Performance: The Semi-Autonomous Revenue Authority Model in Africa and Latin America (October, 2004) 10-2004 11-2008
World Bank Institute Myths and Realities of Governance and Corruption (Kaufmann, Daniel) (2005) 04-2006 10-2011
World Trade Organization (WTO) Annual Report 2007 (2007) 07-2005 10-2011
Direct Business (1 items)
Source Title (Date) Entered Date Modified Date
Conway Data, Inc. Survey: Corporate Bribery Common in Emerging Market Nations (2002) 05-2005 06-2005
Third Party (47 items)
Source Title (Date) Entered Date Modified Date
BiD Network Investment Guides (for Purchase) 10-2009 10-2011
Brookings Institution Risk and Reward of Embracing Globalization: The Governance Factor (September 25, 2000) N/A 11-2008 Gateway for Capacity Development (April, 2009) 05-2009 05-2011
CEFIR - Centre for Economic and Financial Research (Gehlbach, Scott) Taxability, Elections and Government Support of Business Activity (March 5, 2003) 10-2004 11-2008
CEFIR - Centre for Economic and Financial Research (Sonin, Konstantin and Ariane Lambert) Corruption and Collusion in Procurement Tenders (April 12, 2003) 10-2004 11-2008
Center for Global Development (CGD) Reports 02-2008 09-2011
Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) CMI in the World 09-2009 09-2011
Condor Advisers Inc. Country Risk Reports [For Purchase] 07-2009 N/A
Council on Foreign Relations Crisis Guide: The Global Economy (2009) 09-2009 09-2009
Council on Foreign Relations Global Governance Monitor 09-2009 N/A
eStandardsForum Homepage 03-2004 08-2008
EthicsWorld Corporate Governance 01-2007 10-2007
EthicsWorld Public Sector Governance 01-2007 09-2011
Eurasia Group Publications [For Purchase] 11-2008 09-2011
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Source Book (2005) 05-2005 11-2008
Foreign Policy & the Fund for Peace 2010 Failed States Index Rankings (2009) 07-2005 03-2012
Initiative for Policy Dialogue Decentralization N/A 10-2008
Initiative for Policy Dialogue Governance of Globalization N/A 10-2008
Initiative for Policy Dialogue Transparency N/A 10-2008
Institute for Development Studies (IDS) (McCulloch, N., Schmidt, A., & Sumner, A.) Will the Global Financial Crisis Change the Development Paradigm? (March 2, 2009) 04-2009 N/A
Institute for Development Studies (IDS) (Schmidt, A.) From Crisis Management to Institutional Reform (March 2, 2009) 04-2009 04-2009
Llyod's of London and Economist Intelligence Unit Global Business Leader Survey: Risk Priorities and Preparedness (July, 2009) 10-2009 11-2009
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) What Determines Corruption? International Evidence from Microdata (Mocan, Naci) (April, 2004) 07-2004 10-2011
North-South Institute Other Publications 03-2008 10-2011
North-South Institute Policy Briefs 03-2008 10-2011
North-South Institute Publications, Books, and Reports 03-2008 10-2011
North-South Institute Research for a Fairer World 03-2008 10-2008
North-South Institute Review 03-2008 10-2008
Overseas Development Institute Governance and Corruption 07-2007 N/A
Oxford Analytica Daily Brief Services (Subscription Required) 04-2007 10-2011
PricewaterhouseCoopers Sustainable Investments for Conservation: The Business Case for Conservation (February, 2007) 04-2007 06-2009
RTI International (Dr. Fernholz, F. and Dr. Fernholz, R. ) A Toolkit for Municipal Asset Management (March, 2007) 03-2007 06-2009
The Conference Board Home Page 01-2007 10-2007
Tiri Home Page 01-2007 10-2011
Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2010 10-2007 10-2011
Transparency International Global Corruption Barometer (2005) 08-2006 N/A
Transparency International Global Corruption Report 2008: Corruption in the Water Sector: Full Report (2008) 07-2008 10-2011
Transparency International Global Corruption Reports 07-2009 10-2011
Transparency International Report on the TI Global Corruption Barometer (December 6, 2007) 10-2004 06-2009
Transparency International The National Integrity System Assessments 10-2004 07-2009
Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Levine, Paul et al.) Independent Utility Regulators: Lessons from Monetary Policy (July, 2004) 08-2005 06-2009
Urban Institute (Steuerle, E.) On the Institutions of Taxation, Accounting, and the Law (October 09, 2000) 01-2007 10-2008
Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment and Economist Intelligence Unit World Investment Prospects to 2011 Foreign Direct Investment and the Challenge of Political Risk (2007) 10-2009 10-2009
World Economic Forum The Financial Development Report 2009 (2009) 10-2009 N/A
World Economic Forum (WEF) Financial Governance 03-2006 10-2011
World Economic Forum (WEF) Partnering Against Corruption - Principles for Countering Bribery (October, 2004 ) 02-2005 10-2011
World Resources Institute (WRI) Breaking Ground: Engaging Communities in Extractive and Infrastructure Projects (2009) 05-2009 N/A