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Host Government (1 items)
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Credit & Export Guarantee Fund (KREDEX) - Estonia Home Page 04-2009 N/A
Official Sector (27 items)
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American Bar Association (ABA) and Central European and Euroasian Law Initiative (CEELI) The CEDAW Assessment Tool 05-2006 11-2008
Development Associates, Inc. (for USAID) (Rojas, Henry S.) A Comparative Study of the Overseas Voting Laws and Systems of Selected Countries (September, 2004) 01-2005 06-2009
Election Resources on the Internet / Recursos Electorales en la Internet Political Elections 01-2005 12-2005
Finnvera (Finland) Country Classification N/A 11-2008
IMF Ethnic Diversity, Democracy, and Corruption (Yehoue, Etienne) (September 1, 2007) 09-2007 10-2011
IMF (Aisen, Ari et al) Political Instability and Inflation Volatility (September 1, 2006) 10-2006 07-2009
IMF (Danninger, S et al) The Political Economy of Revenue-Forecasting Experience from Low-Income Countries (January, 2005) 01-2005 10-2008
IMF (Pani, M.) Hold Your Nose and Vote: Why Do Some Democracies Tolerate Corruption? (April 1, 2009) 05-2009 N/A
IMF(Arezki, Rabah et al.) International Commodity Price Shocks, Democracy, and External Debt (March, 2010) 04-2010 04-2010
MIGA Political Risk Insurance Center - The Financial Crisis and Political Risk 01-2009 10-2011
MIGA World Investment and Political Risk (2009) 01-2010 N/A
U.S. Central Intelligence Agency The World Factbook - World 12-2003 04-2012
UN Global Compact Policy Dialogues, International Peace Forum (Bennett, Juliette ) Business in Zones of Conflict (March, 2001) 08-2005 06-2009
United Nations Millennium Project Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals (2005) 02-2005 10-2011
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) Pay and Employment Reform in Developing and Transition Societies (2001) 06-2005 N/A
World Bank Governance and Anti-Corruption Data by Country N/A 11-2008
World Bank The New Anticorruption Homepage N/A 03-2003
World Bank World Bank sees business climate as main tool for SME support (September 10, 2006) 11-2006 11-2008
World Bank (Batra, G. et al) The Firms Speak: What the World Business Environment Survey Tells Us about Constraints on Private Sector Development (October, 2003) 01-2007 06-2009
World Bank (Bray, J.) International Companies and Post-Conflict Reconstruction - Cross-Sectoral Comparisons (February, 2005) 08-2005 06-2009
World Bank (Daniel Kauffmann, et al.) Governance Matters IV. Governance Indicators for 1996-2004 (June, 2005) 07-2005 11-2008
World Bank (Keefer, P.) Elections, Special Interests and the Fiscal Costs of Financial Crisis 12-2004 10-2008
World Bank (Lie, T. et al.) Post-Conflict Justice and Sustainable Peace (April, 2007) 05-2007 06-2009
World Bank (Liu, Lili et al.) Subnational Insolvency: Cross-Country Experiences and Lessons (January, 2008) 03-2008 06-2009
World Bank (Montalvo, J. et al.) Ethnic Polarization and the Duration of Civil Wars (April, 2007) 05-2007 06-2009
World Bank (Raleigh, C.) Civil War Risk in Democratic and Non-Democratic Neighborhoods (June, 2007) 07-2007 06-2009
World Bank Institute Anti-Corruption and Governance Library 03-2007 10-2007
Direct Business (1 items)
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Emerging Markets Monitor Home Page (Subscription Required) 04-2003 11-2008
Third Party (40 items)
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A.T. Kearney and Foreign Policy Magazine Globalization Index 2005 (2005) 06-2005 10-2011
A.T. Kearney and Foreign Policy Magazine Globalization Index 2006 (2006) 10-2006 10-2011
A.T. Kearney and Foreign Policy Magazine Globalization Index 2007 (2007) 02-2008 09-2011
BiD Network Investment Guides (for Purchase) 10-2009 10-2011
Business and Human Rights Resource Centre Business and Human Rights Resources Database 08-2005 10-2007
Business Monitor International Business Monitor Store 09-2006 09-2011
Canadian Underwriter (Galvao, D.) Handling Global Political Risk (2007) 04-2007 10-2008
CEFIR - Centre for Economic and Financial Research (Gehlbach, Scott) Taxability, Elections and Government Support of Business Activity (March 5, 2003) 10-2004 11-2008
Condor Advisers Inc. Country Risk Reports [For Purchase] 07-2009 N/A
Control Risks Home Page (Subscription Required) 04-2003 09-2011
Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Views Wire Country Page: World 01-2003 10-2006
Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Views Wire Country Page: World 07-2009 N/A
EthicsWorld Public Sector Governance 01-2007 09-2011
Euler Hermes Country Risk 07-2007 11-2008
Eurasia Group Publications [For Purchase] 11-2008 09-2011
Foreign Policy & the Fund for Peace 2010 Failed States Index Rankings (2009) 07-2005 03-2012
Global Insight Country Intelligence (Subscription Service) 05-2003 09-2011
Global Insight Global Risk Services - SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE 06-2006 04-2007
IHS Global Insight Country & Industry Forecasting: Sovereign Risk Service (Subscription Service) 06-2006 10-2011
IHS Global Insight Same-Day Analysis (Subscription Service) 06-2006 10-2011
Institute for Development Studies (IDS) (Schmidt, A.) From Crisis Management to Institutional Reform (March 2, 2009) 04-2009 04-2009
National Democratic Institute For International Affairs Home Page 10-2003 12-2009
National Democratic Institute For International Affairs NDI Field Offices 10-2003 07-2009
North-South Institute Review 03-2008 10-2008
North-South Institute Working Papers 03-2008 10-2011
Oxford Analytica Daily Brief Services (Subscription Required) 04-2007 10-2011
Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) Integrating Political Risk Into Enterprise Risk Management 04-2008 N/A
RGE Monitor Nouriel Roubini's Global EconoMonitor 02-2009 N/A
Rundt's Intelligence Home Page 04-2009 N/A
Simon Fraser University Human Security Report Project 07-2007 10-2011
Stratfor Home Page 06-2006 10-2011
Summit Analytical Associates Home Page 04-2009 N/A
The Brown Journal of World Affairs (Gerson, A.) The Private Sector and Peace (2000) 08-2005 11-2008
The Conference Board Home Page 01-2007 10-2007
Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2010 10-2007 10-2011
Urban Institute Fiscal Federalism and National Unity (Bird, Richard et al.) (March 25, 2005) 01-2007 10-2011
Urban Institute (Steuerle, E.) On the Institutions of Taxation, Accounting, and the Law (October 09, 2000) 01-2007 10-2008
Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment and Economist Intelligence Unit World Investment Prospects to 2011 Foreign Direct Investment and the Challenge of Political Risk (2007) 10-2009 10-2009
World Public Opinion Home Page 01-2007 10-2011
Zagada Publications (for Purchase) 10-2009 N/A