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Deutsche Investitions - Und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Financial Products 02-2007 03-2010
IMF (Capuano, C.) The Option-iPoD. The Probability of Default Implied by Option Prices Based on Entropy (August 1, 2008) 09-2008 N/A
IMF (Chan-Lau, Jorge A. and Ong, Li L.) U.S. Mutual Fund Retail Investors in International Equity Markets: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog? (August 1, 2005) 09-2005 09-2005
IMF (Erbas, S.; Mirakhor, A.) The Equity Premium Puzzle, Ambiguity Aversion, and Institutional Quality (September 1, 2007) 10-2007 N/A
IMF (Frank, N. et al.) Transmission of Liquidity Shocks: Evidence from the 2007 Subprime Crisis (August 1, 2008) 09-2008 03-2009
IMF (Guajardo, J.) Financial Frictions and Business Cycles in Middle-Income Countries (January 1, 2008) 02-2008 N/A
IMF (Ilyina, Anna) Investment Restrictions and Contagion in Emerging Markets (September 1, 2005) 10-2005 10-2005
IMF (Lu, Y.; Neftci, S.) Financial Instruments to Hedge Commodity Price Risk for Developing Countries (January 1, 2008) 01-2008 N/A
IMF (Roache, Shaun et al.) Currency Risk Premia in Global Stock Markets (August, 2006) 09-2006 06-2009
Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO) Equity 03-2007 10-2008
Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO) Mezzanine 10-2008 N/A
Overseas Private Investment Corporation Investment Funds N/A 12-2007
Swiss Investment Fund for Emerging Markets - Sifem Portfolio by Financial Instrument 03-2007 11-2008
World Bank (Liu, Lili et al.) Subnational Insolvency: Cross-Country Experiences and Lessons (January, 2008) 03-2008 06-2009
World Bank and IFC (Djankov, S. et al.) Debt Enforcement Around the World (December, 2006) 01-2007 06-2009
Direct Business (28 items)
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Aureos Capital Limited Home Page N/A 12-2007
Bank of America Institutional Equity Derivatives 09-2003 11-2007
Calvert Group Calvert World Values International Equity Fund N/A 12-2007
CDC Capital Partners Home Page N/A 12-2007
CIBC World Markets Equity Derivatives 09-2003 10-2007
Citi Investment Research 11-2007 N/A
Citigroup Global Equities Online 11-2007 N/A
Dexia Dexia Ethical SICAVs 09-2005 10-2007
Emerging Market Partnership (EMP) Home Page N/A 10-2008
Emerging Markets Management, L.L.C. Broad Global Active Fund: Fact Sheet 04-2004 09-2009
Emerging Markets Management, L.L.C. Broad Global Active Fund: Performance 04-2004 10-2007
Emerging Markets Management, L.L.C. Broad Global Active Fund: The Model 04-2004 10-2007
Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research 11-2007 11-2008
Goldman Sachs Ideas (Publications and Research) 11-2007 11-2008
HSBC Global Markets 11-2007 11-2008
HSBC Global Research 11-2007 11-2008
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Exchange Traded Products N/A 11-2008
Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF) Home Page N/A 12-2007
Standard Chartered Global Research 11-2007 02-2009
Triodos Bank Hivos-Triodos Fund Foundation 03-2007 11-2007
Triodos Bank Home Page 03-2007 11-2007
Triodos Bank Microfinance 03-2007 10-2011
Triodos Bank Triodos Fair Share Fund 03-2007 10-2007
Triodos Bank Triodos Renewable Energy for Development Fund 03-2007 10-2007
Triodos Bank Triodos-Doen Foundation 03-2007 10-2007
UBS Investment Bank Investment Research 11-2007 N/A
Zephyr Management, L.P. Funds 09-2009 10-2011
Zephyr Management, L.P. Home Page 09-2009 10-2011
Third Party (2 items)
Source Title (Date) Entered Date Modified Date
Center for Financial Stability (CFS) The World Financial and Economic Crisis: Impact on Debt, Private Flows, and FDI 12-2011 N/A
Wall Street Journal (Slater, J.) (RiskMetrics) Emerging-Market Investors Seek More Influence (April 11, 2007) 06-2007 11-2008