The Monterrey Consensus is an historic opportunity that can yield concrete benefits for countries and their citizens as well as the private sector, but only if concrete actions are taken to implement the agreed upon principles. Governments worldwide have recognized the imperative of mobilizing private sector investment and expertise for overall development and global prosperity, and to this end that specific policy actions are needed to improve business environments and mobilize private investment. The Global Clearinghouse aims at creating networks and activities that enable the public and private sector to work together in developing the practical action steps and policies to realize these critical objectives and “win-win” partnerships.

Open Invitation to Development Agencies & Foundations
To enable replication and sustainability, development agencies (and interested Foundations) are now being invited to partner with the Swiss government in ensuring these “Financing for Development Tools” can be used by developing country governments to enhance their capacity to mobilize private sector resources for development. The Tools advance the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness by strengthening the ability of development agencies to collaborate effectively with the private sector, harmonize programs and policies with other donors; align with government development objectives; and identify the investment impediments and possible remedies identified by local and international investors.

Development agencies can support these “Financing for Development Tools” with the Swiss Government on a general programmatic level, or select a specific application on a national, regional, or global level. Existing initiatives include: (1) National Government-Investor Networks (first national pilot with government of Nicaragua); (2) Global Network on Infrastructure (first global pilot with The Experts Group on Public-Private Risk-Sharing); and (3) Central America Government-Private Sector Tourism Network (first regional pilot with SITCA and FEDECATUR).

Open Invitation to Private Sector
Business experts, companies and organizations that are interested in involving themselves more extensively with the Global Clearinghouse and the UN Financing for Initiative can become Strategic Business Partners. These Strategic Business Partners commit to actively work to identify and develop specific measures to implement the Monterrey Consensus and also expand the business network engaged with the Global Clearinghouse and the Financing for Development Initiative.

Interested Parties should contact the Global Clearinghouse for more details.