GlobalDF creates new tool to maximize African jobs resulting from infrastructure 

GlobalDF creates new tool to maximize African jobs resulting from infrastructure

Given the urgent need for job creation in Africa, GlobalDF was engaged by GIZ to create the PIDA Job Creation Toolkit to optimize job creation resulting from infrastruc­ture projects for the African Union Development Agency NEPAD (AUDA NEPAD) with the support of GIZ. The objective of the Toolkit is to increase the capacity of African governments, development partners, and the private sector to maximize the number and quality of African jobs in their design of African infrastructure projects. For AUDA NEPAD’s outlook on potential jobs created through African infrastructure based on their use of the Toolkit, click here.


Based on best practices using input-output tables, the PIDA Job Creation Toolkit methodology estimates di­rect, indirect and induced labor market effects during the planning, construction, and operation & maintenance phases of infrastructure projects. In addition, the methodology esti­mates secondary job effects, which are those jobs that are being created in other sectors of the economy due to the operational infrastructure service provided (e.g., improved energy access, improved transport, etc.). For more information on the Toolkit, please click here.

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GlobalDF Spotlight

GlobalDF develops Compendium of Private Sector Proposals for Addis Ababa FfD Conference

In support of the business steering committee of Financing for Development (FfD), GlobalDF facilitated the preparation of the Business Sector Steering Committee’s proposals to UN Member States.

GlobalDF sets forth country finance solutions at the Addis Ababa FfD Conference

In collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Swedish government, and the Mexican Government, GlobalDF convened the side event “The New Financing Framework for Sustainable Development: How to Create Investment Opportunities at Scale?”

GlobalDF develops the World Bank’s City Creditworthiness Self-Assessment & PlanningToolkit

Given the need for cities to access finance, GlobalDF was engaged by the World Bank with support from the Rockefeller Foundation to develop an assessment and planning tool for local governments to improve their creditworthiness.

GlobalDF co-creates “Unlocking Actions to Mobilize Institutional Investment in Africa Infrastructure”

Given the urgent need to mobilize institutional investment in Africa’s infrastructure, the report sets forth critical unlocking actions that can be implemented immediately by institutional investors and host governments.

GlobalDF co-creates the “Benchmark for Investing in African Infrastructure Project Development”

Given the urgent need to mobilize finance for the development of bankable projects in Africa, unlocking actions have been benchmarked by GlobalDF based on surveys of project developers and investors.

GlobalDF advises G-20 leadership at the UN

Given the need for more effective infrastructure for development, GlobalDF presented recommendations to the Saudi leadership at the 2019 G20 Development Working Group Workshop.

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