About GlobalDF 

As a non-profit organization, GlobalDF serves as an independent expert-based “Clearinghouse” to facilitate the development of bankable investments with capacity-building tools, business models, and credit enhancements, addressing the lack of bankability and public-private coordination failures.

Our Mission

The Global Clearinghouse for Development Finance (“GlobalDF”) is a U.S. 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization committed to mobilizing the private sector for development, advancing economic growth, job creation, poverty reduction, climate mitigation and adaptation, social and gender equity, and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) and Paris Agreement Climate Goals.

GlobalDF develops concrete management techniques, financial structures, training materials, communication platforms, and knowledge tools that increase the capacity of government officials, development agencies, and the private sector to collaborate effectively in creating business-enabling environments and the identification, development, and financing of infrastructure and other productive projects critical to sustainable development.

The Value Proposition ofGlobalDF’s Approach

Unlock private finance for the SDGs and Climate Goals

Deliver on Development and Climate Goals

Achieve Leverage &
Development Effectiveness
through Expertise & Coordination

GlobalDF’s  Team

Dr. Barbara Samuels

Executive Director & Founder

Barbara has over 30 years experience in development finance, working in specific areas of finance, risk management, business development, investor analytic services, government advisory, and decision-making support. As Vice Chair of the Business Steering Committee, United Nations Financing for Development, Barbara was actively involved in developing specific strategies aimed at mobilizing private sector capital and expertise for development. She also served as Senior Advisor to the World Economic Forum, developing specific recommendations on enhancing leverage of official sector resources in developing countries.  Barbara was formerly Chase Manhattan Bank’s Director of Country Assessment, responsible for managing Chase’s $50 billion country risk exposure worldwide. Dr. Samuels also served as Managing Director of Moody’s Emerging Markets Service. She has a Ph.D. in Management and Political Science from MIT, an M.B.A. from the Sloan School of Management, and a M.S. in Political Science from MIT.

Carla Rooseboom

Senior Finance Advisor

Carla has 20 years’ infrastructure advisory, infrastructure due diligence and financial analysis experience gained in South Africa and Europe. She is a Chartered Accountant and holds a degree in Civil Engineering. Carla has undertaken a number of feasibility studies and procurement processes for large infrastructure projects in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, including Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa. Over the last 10 years, Carla acted as financial advisor to various DFIs, African governments, and private sector bidders during the development of infrastructure projects and programs. These projects and programs included: a waste diversion program across 40 municipalities in South Africa, a mixed-use development project in Uganda, an energy efficiency program for public buildings in South Africa, a rail PPP in South Africa, an 800 MW Power Plant in Namibia, and a waste PPP. Carla successfully raised climate finance for two of these programs from the NAMA Facility and the GCF.

Robert Sheppard

Senior Finance Advisor

Over the last 30 years, Bob has advised international and entrepreneurial private sector companies, multilateral development banks, and governments on developing and financing infrastructure projects using his skills as an attorney and investment banker.  Bob previously served as Co-Head of the Global Project Finance Group at Bank of America, where his work covered syndicated bank loans, private placements, capital markets and a wide variety of financial advisory assignments.  He designed the “Foreign Exchange Liquidity Facility” that was provided by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation as part of the US$300 million AES Tietê bond issued for hydroelectric projects in Brazil.  This issue received an investment- grade rating at a time when Brazil’s sovereign ratings were B1 and BB-.  Bob also teaches international project finance as an adjunct professor at the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina. He received J.D. and M.B.A. degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, from which he also has an M.A. in European history and where, as an undergraduate, he was a Morehead Scholar.

Our Partners

Let's Deliver Results Together! 

Actionable effective collaboration is urgently required to design and implement finance solutions
to achieve the SDGs and Climate Goals!

GlobalDF Spotlight

GlobalDF develops Compendium of Private Sector Proposals for Addis Ababa FfD Conference

In support of the business steering committee of Financing for Development (FfD), GlobalDF facilitated the preparation of the Business Sector Steering Committee’s proposals to UN Member States.

GlobalDF sets forth country finance solutions at the Addis Ababa FfD Conference

In collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Swedish government, and the Mexican Government, GlobalDF convened the side event “The New Financing Framework for Sustainable Development: How to Create Investment Opportunities at Scale?”

GlobalDF develops the World Bank’s City Creditworthiness Self-Assessment & PlanningToolkit

Given the need for cities to access finance, GlobalDF was engaged by the World Bank with support from the Rockefeller Foundation to develop an assessment and planning tool for local governments to improve their creditworthiness.

GlobalDF co-creates “Unlocking Actions to Mobilize Institutional Investment in Africa Infrastructure”

Given the urgent need to mobilize institutional investment in Africa’s infrastructure, the report sets forth critical unlocking actions that can be implemented immediately by institutional investors and host governments.

GlobalDF co-creates the “Benchmark for Investing in African Infrastructure Project Development”

Given the urgent need to mobilize finance for the development of bankable projects in Africa, unlocking actions have been benchmarked by GlobalDF based on surveys of project developers and investors.

GlobalDF advises G-20 leadership at the UN

Given the need for more effective infrastructure for development, GlobalDF presented recommendations to the Saudi leadership at the 2019 G20 Development Working Group Workshop.

Tools & Partners

Government-Investor Networks (GINs)

INFRADEV: Mitigating the Risks of Infrastructure Investment

Excel Tool to Assess Financial Needs

Short-Hand Tool to Assess Project Funding Sources

Training Modules for Financing Projects

Processes for Developing Bankable Project Pipelines

Finance Roadmaps for Climate Projects